What Is Prescribe Pro?

Prescribe Pro is a prescription app that enables medical practitioners to send digital prescriptions, collect payment online, and arrange delivery to the patient.

  • For Doctors

    Get your time back with prescription management and enhance patient care with a single digital solution.

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  • For Pharmcies

    Streamline prescriptions, ensure compliance, and connect more deeply with your patients.

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  • For Patients

    Access your prescriptions anytime, and enjoy the convenience of delivery to your doorstep.

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  • Compliant Documents

    Prescribe Pro uses advanced electronic signatures to process digitally signed and encrypted prescriptions that cannot be altered or forged.

  • Clinical Templates

    AI-powered and community contributed medication templates that can be loaded directly onto your profile.

  • Digital Payments

    No need to buy extra equipment -
    we will process all payments, from scripts to delivery fees.

  • Repeat Reminders

    Automated reminders so that your patient never forgets to refill the prescription.

  • Patient Feedback

    Feedback from your patients is collected and curated for easy viewing.

  • Free Delivery

    Medication is delivered to your patient's door at no additional charge.

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What is e-prescribing?

E-prescribing, or electronic prescribing, is the process of creating, sending, and managing prescriptions digitally. Instead of using paper prescriptions, healthcare providers use electronic systems to directly send prescription information to pharmacies, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

What are the benefits of electronic prescriptions?

  • Improved Accuracy: Reduces errors related to handwriting and manual entry.
  • Increased Efficiency: Speeds up the prescription process, saving time for both providers and patients.
  • Enhanced Safety: Automatically checks for drug interactions and allergies.
  • Better Compliance: Provides automated reminders for refills and medication adherence.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Integrates with other healthcare systems for a seamless process.

Can Prescribe Pro handle online prescriptions for controlled substances?

Yes, Prescribe Pro is equipped to manage electronic prescriptions for controlled substances. Our app complies with all necessary legal and regulatory requirements to ensure safe and secure prescribing practices.

What makes getting a prescription through Prescribe Pro easier than traditional methods?

Prescribe Pro makes prescribing easier by allowing you to consult with a healthcare provider online, receive your prescription digitally, and order your medication without the need to visit a doctor's office or pharmacy in person.

How does e-prescribing improve the prescription process?

E-prescribing improves the prescription process by eliminating paper prescriptions, reducing errors, and providing a faster, more reliable way to get your medications.

What makes online prescription ordering through Prescribe Pro fast and reliable?

Online prescription ordering through Prescribe Pro is fast and reliable due to its user-friendly interface, secure electronic transactions, real-time updates on order status, and partnerships with trusted pharmacies.

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