Keep patients coming back

Your patients will never have to worry about forgetting their refills. Prescribe Pro's automated reminders and follow-up messages keep them on track and feel cared for. The extra support from Prescribe Pro app will make your clinic their go-to choice, earning you patients trust and loyalty.

Boost your revenue

Extra time and care from Prescribe Pro easily translate into a boost in earnings!

With more time available, you can accommodate more patients. Without the need for paper prescriptions and associated administrative tasks, you save money on supplies and personnel costs. Automated refill reminders ensure patients adhere to their medication schedules, which in turn leads to additional follow-up visits and consultations.

Not a minute wasted

Manual tasks slow you down and limit your potential. With Prescribe Pro, you can complete a prescription in less than 30 seconds, freeing up your time for more patients and personal pursuits.

  • Perfect your prescription proccess

    Cut prescription times from 30 seconds to 7 seconds with Prescribe Pro. This quick change saves up to 8 hours each month, letting you see 30 extra patients. Save time and see more patients—simple as that.

  • Get your practice paperless

    Forget about registering and updating patient profiles yourself — with our app, patients will register and maintain their profile themselves, thanks to easy walkthroughs and reminders. Let Prescribe Pro handle admin processes and save up to 81 minutes daily to focus on what matters — delivering exceptional care.

  • Boost patients' satisfaction

    Did you know that 20% of patients leave due to dissatisfaction with manual processes? With Prescribe Pro, patients are kept up-to-date at all times and know what to expect. Boost satisfaction and retain up to 50 more patients each month!

Doctors Also Ask

How does Prescribe Pro integrate into my existing practice management system?

Prescribe Pro seamlessly integrates with most practice management systems. You can easily sync patient data and streamline your workflow without disrupting your current operations.

Does Prescribe Pro support multi-user access?

Yes, Prescribe Pro supports multi-user access, allowing various members of your healthcare team to collaborate effectively on patient care while maintaining individual access controls and privacy standards.

What kind of support does Prescribe Pro offer to new users?

We provide comprehensive onboarding, including training sessions and live support to ensure you and your staff can maximize the benefits of the prescription app with confidence and ease.

What advantages do online prescriptions through Prescribe Pro offer?

Online prescriptions through Prescribe Pro offer the advantages of reduced administrative work, quicker prescription processing, enhanced accuracy, and the ability to focus more on patient care rather than on paperwork

How does Prescribe Pro's electronic prescription service benefit my practice?

Prescribe Pro’s electronic prescription service streamlines the prescription process, reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, and improves communication with pharmacies and patients