Guaranteed Script Authenticity

As stipulated by the ECT Act of 2002, Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) is needed for scripts to be valid. Prescribe Pro fully supports AES funcionality and ensures that every script you receive is real. Without the need to check the scripts, you can process requests faster and maintain a steady workload.

Simple renewal in 3 clicks

If you don't have a website, no problem! With Prescribe Pro, we'll create and continuously maintain a custom microsite for you. Enjoy a professional online presence at all times!

Become a Pillar of Medical Community

Once your pharmacy is verified, you will receive a unique URL to your practice on Prescribe Pro. With the app being free for doctors, they can easily designate your pharmacy as a preferred one, ensuring a constant flow of recurring prescriptions and integrating you into a vibrant community.

  • Preferred Pharmacy

    With paper scripts, patients choose to go to other pharmacies 20% of the time. With Prescribe Pro, scripts stay at the original pharmacy with the original pharmacy 90% of the time.

  • Save Time and Money

    Without the need to check every script for legality, your employees will never have to call a practice, saving 43 minutes daily on script processing and significantly reducing operational costs.

  • Easy Script Management

    With Prescribe Pro you can adjust prescriptions to align with formulary preferences and achieve a revenue boost of up to 30-50 Rand per script.